Free Coloring pages and work sheets

Welcome to Coloring Pages website. Here you can find free coloring pages to print or download to your computer. Everything your child can imagine from animals, animated movies from Disney, Illumination and others. Cartoons, popular characters, games, toys and many more, you can find and print on our website. It’s easy to use. Find the coloring page or picture you like and open it. You will have an option to either print it directly on your printer or download it to your computer. Free and easy.

In early childhood, children are still developing the fine motor coordination skills that will eventually support their daily activities. Typing, writing, cooking, household chores, coloring pages, turning pages of a book, using tools, doing their hair — pretty much everything requires motor skills. When your child colors, he or she is developing their fine motor coordination.

Coloring is also a great focus-building exercise. Focus is an important skill for children to learn, not only for their academic careers but for their professional careers as well.

Dive in into our website, find free coloring pages you like, and let your kid’s imagination run wild!